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Let's ditch single use cups and lids NOW!

So, what's the problem with the sip-lid, it's been around for years?

Exactly! The traditional sip-lids we've been using for years all have the same problems...... They pollute our world and are difficult to recycle. They also have annoying features such as a tiny hole that makes us "suck" our drink in an unnatural way. This reduces the aroma of the beverage and therefore our enjoyment and often leads to scalding of lips and mouth due to lack of sensory feedback. We have to align the hole to our mouth, so if you're like me, you decide to remove the lid to take a drink then refit in between sips to prevent spills.

All very impractical and so uncool!

AromaLid is for keeps too. Designed for use with your favourite reusable coffee cup. Take it to your favourite coffee shop for discounted drinks and environmental feel-good vibes!

*Over 2 years in development. 

*International patents pending.

*Reduces waste and maximizes re-cycling.

*Reusable and recyclable.

*Better taste through aroma release

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Applied innovation

Aerocup, featuring the AromaLid has unique features that resist any movement- induced wave forms of the beverage, greatly reducing the risk of spillage. Additionally  AromaLid allows the true experience of a hot drink to be enjoyed by drinking  in the normal way from the rim of the cup all around the rim ( no lining up to suck your beverage through a small hole that inevitably burns your mouth!). Also enticing the tea or coffee drinker with a delicious aroma, in the way that your favourite drinks are meant to be enjoyed......reusable,washable eco-friendly!

The AromaLid, perfectly integrated with a quality stainless steel vacuum cup is a winning combination....... ask for the Aerocup!

As featured on BBC1 show:

'The Customer Is Always Right'

The whole show can be seen on youtube;

look for Episode 8, 1 May 2019

Want to run with your drink? Catching a plane or train? No problem!

Just  a simple twist and hey presto!  Your drink is sealed until you're ready to enjoy it. 

Welcome to a truly 21st Century beverage experience.

Be smart, ask for AromaLid and Aerocup. Save the world...reuse!!

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